Car Servicing in Sidcup

At TOC Autos Sidcup Test Centre, we like to think of ourselves as one of the leading MOT garages covering Sidcup and the surrounding areas, offering high quality car servicing alongside our MOTs and car repairs services. Regular car servicing to manufacturers recommendations prolongs the life of any vehicle. It also reduces maintenance and car repairs, which of course reduce costs.


We recommend that car servicing should be carried out either every 12000 miles or every 12 months, whatever comes first. Our qualified technicians undertake car servicing at our Sidcup garage in accordance to each manufacturer’s guidelines. This will consist of the changing of oil and air filters, the oil itself and 90 checks in and around your car’s engine.

Interim Car Servicing - Interim car servicing includes oil and filter change as well as a visual inspection. Our mechanics will also top up the washer and steering fluids with antifreeze and water. We’ll also add brake fluid into the container. Checks will be made and any parts that need replacing due to wear and tear will be noted. If car repairs are required, then these will be highlighted on a written report.

Full Car Servicing - Full car servicing is the same as interim car servicing but with additional 25-30 checks. Every vehicle should undergo full car servicing every 12000 miles or every 12 months. Our qualified technicians will pinpoint any parts that may need changing. All parts used will be sourced from OEM (original manufacturers) suppliers and will be top standard.

MOTs with Car Servicing in Sidcup

MOT garages in Sidcup offer car servicing with MOTs at a reduced rate. However at TOC Autos Sidcup Test Centre, if you book full car servicing, you receive FREE MOTs. This also includes a free re-test if your car fails first time. Car repairs can be undertaken immediately in order for you vehicle to pass at the second attempt.


We can book your vehicle in for an appointment at a time convenient to you and once the car servicing and MOT has been carried out, we will give you a call when finished. MOT garages with our reputation are hard to find, so make the most of TOC Autos of Sidcup. We offer unique deals as a way of saying thank you for your new or continued custom.

Book your vehicle in to our Sidcup garage for car servicing now, by calling 020 8001 9607.  We also provide MOTs for free when booking full car servicing.